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Current Hours: Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 5:00pm Saturday: 7:00am - 12:00pm
Se Habla Español  |  Phone: (847) 742-1790
Current Hours: Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 5:00pm Saturday: 7:00am - 12:00pm

Facility Supervisor - Midwest Trading - Ottawa, IL

Full Time Year Around

To directly supervise and be responsible for all aspects of the Midwest Trading Ottawa Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and Ottawa Barge Terminal (OBT) facilities.


Essential Responsibilities:
Personnel Supervision
Assist in recruiting, selecting, hiring and terminating in accordance with company policy
Complete paperwork in a timely manner and maintain records
Train people in their job descriptions, company policies and procedures
Conduct performance evaluations and wage reviews for direct reports
Be aware of and support personal and professional goals individually and as a team
Customer needs and production
Ensure quality standards are consistently meeting customer expectations
Listen and act on customer concerns immediately and implement permanent changes as needed
Work with Midwest Trading "Soil Scientist" on product requirements
Achieve all production schedules while timely tracking and reporting
Work with ADM, OBT, shipping, vendors, suppliers and staff to accomplish all requirements
Act as the primary contact for the ADM and OBT terminals for local needs
Coordinate closely with other departments to meet their needs with balance to yours
Maintain and implement a daily / weekly production plan– including maintenance, repairs and improvements
Work closely with the Shipping dispatcher and shipping team.
Ensure product levels are in line with the number orders and trucks to load.
Assist drivers and pick up customers with paperwork as needed
Planning and budgets
Assist in producing plans to support sales budget per company process
Assist in budgeting for labor, materials and other assigned areas and monitor routinely
Prepare plans for equipment and facilities including input on capital needs
Know costs and continually work on methods to reduce
Oversee the planning and scheduling of production, make timely adjustments throughout year
Regularly measure and report production output and compare to schedule, ensure that schedules are met timely
Develop and carry out quality improvement plans on a continual basis
Effective and timely communication with all working relationships
Facility supervision
Responsible for development and management of all processes, systems and functions in production
Meet regularly with team for communication, coordination and team building
Develop and support team goals
Measure performance and take corrective actions as necessary
Report facility plans, activities, and performance to management, in a timely and appropriate manner
Organize personnel and responsibilities so they operate efficiently and effectively
Inventory supervision
Maintain optimal inventory levels by controlling production and communicating to sales
Keep inventory data accurate
Provide continuous improvement to production planning process
Supervision of equipment and facilities
Ensure all equipment and facilities are used, operated and maintained properly
Ensure all emergency and back-up systems are operational at all times
Supervise maintenance of property and buildings
Stay within guidelines of ADM contract
Work with Shared Services as needed
Implement and ensure fire prevention plan is active
Preferred Experience:
High School or equivalent
3 years supervisory experience
3 years logistics experience
Valid driver's license
Knowledge & Skills Required:
Logistical thinking
People (Human Relations)
Communication and Computer (MS Outlook, Ross, Excel)
Problem solving
Think clearly, able to see the big picture, able to analyze data and situations
Multi- tasking
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